Walmart Jewelry Recall

A Walmart jewelry recall? I swear, it sounds made up. But high levels of the toxic metal cadmium have led Walmart to pull its Miley Cyrus line of children’s jewelry.

Walmart’s reputation has taken a bath recently. This won’t help. Walmart reportedly received information about the high cadmium levels in February and did nothing. In April, Walmart said it were testing product not on the shelves but to test items already on the shelves would be “too difficult.” Walmart also didn’t define the jewelry at risk, saying it was just jewelry for juniors. After the AP reported the story, Walmart flipped and issued a recall of the jewelry.

Are their lawsuits coming here? I doubt it. (And our lawyers are not taking these cases, by the way.) But, geez, doesn’t this underscore that we need a strong, vibrant civil justice system to keep these companies in check?