Walmart Customer Awarded $1.3 Million After Falling Gatorade Sign

A jury awarded a 41 year old man $1.3 million dollars after injuries sustained in a fall at Walmart left him with torn tendon in his right bicep, requiring three surgeries.

The plaintiff, a manager at a beverage distribution company, was walking through Walmart while carrying a water bottle when he slipped on a Gatorade sign that had fallen off of a display. The fall caused great injury to his bicep, and has left him with a permanent condition called a “popeye deformity” causing an abnormal bulge on his arm.

Walmart blamed Gatorade for providing cheap plastic screws for the sign, but Gatorade testified that if Walmart employees had put the sign together properly, it wouldn’t have fallen. Gatorade further testified that if the screws came loose or broke, that it was Walmart’s responsibility to take care of it.

Of interest: it was an all-female jury, and they laid 90% of the blame on Walmart.