Triad Alcohol Prep Pads Lawsuit

About Lawsuits reports that H&P Industries was shut down by the FDA on Monday, apparently pretty dramatically as U.S. Marshals descended on the facility with orders to seize H&P Industries products.

H&P has issued a recall for literally tens of millions of alcohol prep pads and wipes sold under the Triad Group. These alcohol prep pads were marketed under the names Cardinal Health, Medical Specialties, VHA, Triad, Triad Plus, North Safety and Total Resources. It is probably hindsight analysis but, in retrospect, it is a little creepy having all of these different brands. Why do you need so many names?
Anyway, H&P Industries/Triad Group did a recall of povidine iodine prep pads used to prevent infections in cuts, scrapes and burns and in preparation for surgery. Instead of killing all bacteria and protecting us, these alcohol prep wipes did the opposite: they were contaminated with a dangerous bacteria that can cause life threatening infections, including meningitis (in infants) pneumonia in patients on ventilators and necrotizing fasciitis.

A lot of these recalls are a 1 in a million kind of problem. Everything gets recalled because you have to find the needle in the haystack. That does not appear to be the case here. A Colorado hospital said two-thirds of the Triad-made alcohol prep pads it tested were contaminated with bacteria. So while there is a lot of information still to be had, it appears these alcohol prep pads are a complete mess.

Should you call our lawyers if you have used one of these Triad alcohol pads subject to the recall? Frankly, the general answer is no. If you don’t have a serious injury – the vast majority of people using these pads are not hurt – you do not have a lawsuit. But if you have suffered a serious infection you believe could be attributed to these alcohol prep pads, you should contact us at 800-553-8082 or get a free on-line case evaluation.