Trampoline Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of approximately 23,400 trampolines, manufactured by Sportspower Ltd., and sold exclusively at Sports Authority.

It has been determined that the trampoline’s metal legs can move out of position and puncture the jumping area, posing a risk of injury. Sportspower is aware of one incident, though no injuries have been reported.

This recall involves Sportspower Parkside model TR-14FT-COM trampolines. The trampolines are 14 feet in diameter and were sold with an enclosure net. The trampolines have blue or light blue fabric on the safety matting and enclosure pole sleeves. The model number is marked on the packaging and instruction manual. “Parkside” is printed on the enclosure net.

The affected trampoline was sold exclusively at Sports Authority stores nationwide from April 2007 through May 2012 for about $540. Consumers are being instructed to stop using the trampoline immediately and contact Sportspower to receive a free repair kit.

Q: What’s the difference between a trampoline and a lawyer? A: You take your boots off before you jump on a trampoline…. lawyer jokes… they never stop being harmless and not very funny.

But back to the serious: how safe are trampolines? There is no doubt that trampolines are crazy fun. Have you jumped on on recently? I have and I can tell you, it is pretty fun for adults, too. That said, at some point, we need to look at whether the juice is worth the squeeze. Because lawsuits in trampoline cases continue to increase. Some lawyers – not us – now have pages dedicated to trampoline lawsuits.

Some people view this as another example of lawyers ruining society. I get the point. But people were saying the same thing about child car seats too.

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