Toyota Tundra Recall

Toyota will recall approximately 51,000 2011 Toyota Tundra trucks to inspect and possibly replace the rear drive shaft.

The concern is that an estimated one out of twenty Toyota Tundra trucks may have a component – slip yoke – that can break from bad casting during the foundry process, the statement added. There has been one drive shaft slip yoke failure and Toyota believes there could be more. There have been no reports of accident on injuries as of yet.

Toyota dealers will be instructed to perform an inspection to identify a specific “production lot” number located on the rear drive shaft. The rear drive shaft may need to be replaced in some Tundras. Toyota dealers are also instructed exploit this opportunity by pushing oil changes and tire rotations as human possible. (I may have made up the last part. I kid as a Toyota owner with recall experience.)
This is the second Toyota Tundra recall in as many month. Last month, there was a Tundra recall after an error in re-calibrating the tire pressure monitoring systems.