Toyota Floor Mat Settlement

Toyota has reached a $10 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of four people killed in a 2009 car accident in a runaway Lexus.

Toyota was fine with settling the case. It was painfully clear that a faulty floor mat was to blame and Toyota recalled millions of cars to replace their floor mats. Instead, Toyota was upset that the amount of the $10 million settlement leaked out.

I actually appreciate their concern. I’m not a huge fan of confidential settlements. But if it is confidential, it is confidential. The problem is, it is hard to get people to shut-up after a $10 million settlement. I don’t know who leaked it. But everyone talks on both sides after confidential settlements. The leaks don’t go far because no one really cares. But when you add Toyota – particularly today – and $10 million, the leaks have legs.