Toyota Announces a Massive Recall

Toyota announced a massive recall today, the largest recall since Ford’s 1986 recall of 7.9 million vehicles. This recall, due to a faulty power window switch posing a fire risk, affects 7.43 million vehicles worldwide.

Call for Toyota Again

New Toyota Recall

In North America, Toyota is recalling the Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Tundra, Sequoia and Scion models xB and xD, and involves putting heat-resistant grease o the switches, or exchanging them.

The faulty window switch is just the latest recall for Toyota, in a long line of recalls. The recall comes a day after Toyota reported that its sales fell 48 percent year-on-year in China in September.

My lease on my Sequoia is up in February. Idiot that I am, I’ll probably risk it.

Look at these Toyota recalls below. I’m telling you, my kids are not going to believe me one day when I’m telling them that Toyota was the GOLD STANDARD once for making great cars.