Toy Tank Recall

Family Dollar is issuing a recall of 67,000 remote-controlled tanks that can overheat and melt. Family Dollar has received five reports of the controllers overheating and melting.

This recalled product is the Authentic Heroes Target Practice Tank play set, a remote-controlled green toy tank attached by a cable to a grey battery-powered controller. The controller requires batteries to move the tank to move forward and backward. The tank fires out projectiles. The controller is marked “Target Practice Tank Play Set.”

By the way, ah, parents… why did you buy this thing in the first place? I think we have enough real war without pretending war. Do we still have GI Joes? I think I’m okay with GI Joe but tanks firing artillery? (I’ll admit that contradiction makes no sense.)
There have been no reported injuries as of yet. But you when you add extremely hot temperatures and children, it is a time bomb waiting to burst.