Toy Gun Recall

So, another holiday shopping season has snuck up on us. The toy commercials have already doubled, and bargain seeking shoppers will soon flood the stores. What toys will you need to steer clear of this year? Well, we’ll try and keep you up to date with the most recent recalls.

Let’s start off this season with toy guns – recalled due to high lead levels. Really? How is it NOT POSSIBLE to make a children’s toy without using paint that has excessive levels of lead.

Toy Recall

Toy Gun Recall

Captain Cutlass Toy Pirate Pistols, manufactured in China were recalled due to a potential lead poisoning hazard. The guns, sold at Halloween and specialty stores nationwide from April 2008 through May 2012, have a brown plastic grip, a black metallic stock and barrel, and a muzzle with an orange cap. The double-barreled toy pistol has one trigger and two hammers. A skull and crossbones motif is engraved on the grip. The surface paints on the pirate toy pistols contain excessive levels of lead.

Personally, and maybe I’m in the minority on this, I really think we should stop making toy guns anyway. Is that something we really want our kids to get their wings on? I vote no.