Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recall

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recall. Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. But for the same reason toilet bowl cleaner works on your toilet, it does not work so well on your skin.

Scotch issued a recall for 74,760 bottles of Instant Power Toilet Bowl Restorer because its cap can leak, causing it to do the same thing to your skin that it does to your toilet.

There have been no injuries reported. Scotch has received seven reports of the bottles subject to the recall leaking and damaging property.

Instant Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner was sold in stores nationwide including Menards, True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware and Gebo’s between February 2009 and January 2010 for about $5 per bottle.

Also in the recall is Instant Power Toilet Bowl Restorer. This toilet cleaner comes in a gray plastic bottle with an orange cap, and has a model number 1803.