Texas Finds Insurance Coverage in Auto Accident

The Texas Supreme Court, in an 8-1 ruling, upheld a jury verdict that found Nationwide Insurance responsible for covering injuries sustained to a Texas family involved in a collision with one of its policyholders.

Nationwide’s insured was chased by police before the accident where he collided with the Plaintiffs. Nationwide refused to pay the claim, arguing that their policyholder had forfeited his right to coverage when he began the chase. Plaintiffs’ Texas accident lawyer argued that the logic of Nationwide’s argument is if you try to run a red light, speed, or take any other intentional act not intended to cause an accident in Texas, that would also be an intentional act for which there would be no insurance coverage. The Texas Supreme Court agreed, ruling that “Texas mandates liability insurance for drivers but if ordinary Texans are unprotected from those who speed or run red lights, but intend no harm to others by doing so, then Texas is replete with non-coverage notwithstanding its mandatory-coverage requirement.”

A spokesperson for Nationwide said the insurance company is “glad the high court has resolved the issue of whether a high-speed chase falls within the ‘intentional acts’ exclusion in Texas. Nationwide intends to comply with the courts ruling on this complex issue.” So Nationwide just wanted the issue resolved – that was their goal in all of this? Please.

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