Target Woven Storage Trunk Recall

Target today recalled 350,000 woven storage trunks. This recall was precipitated by an 18-month-old girl who suffered a brain injury after the lid of a trunk fell down on the back of her neck and pinned her throat against the rim. The CPSC says it has reports that two other children have had injuries when trunk lids suddenly closed.

It remains to be seen whether these were just awful fluke accidents or whether this trunk recall is the result of a particular defect in these trunks. But chest and trunks can be dangerous. This is Consumer Reports thoughts on how to protect your children:

Kids naturally want to reach into chests that hold temptations, so it’s safest to store toys and other playthings in uncovered baskets or other containers that allow your child to easily reach inside to pull out what she wants. If you have a toy chest, or any chest, with a free-falling hinged lid, the safest thing to do is remove the lid entirely. Or you can add a lid support that will keep the lid open in any position; heavy lids may require two. Check them frequently to ensure they are in good working order and that they do indeed support the lid; tighten if necessary.