Sudafed Recall

Johnson & Johnson will recall 667,632 boxes of Sudafed. Incredibly, J&J adds to its folly of recalls with a typo. On some boxes of Sudafed PE, the word “not” occurs twice in the instructions, a double-negative that turns a prohibition into a suggestion: “do not not divide, crush, chew, or dissolve the tablet.” This recall is for Sudafed 24 Hour, Pseudoephedrine HCl, Extended – Release Tablets, 10 count, 240 mg each.

There is more information on the Sudafed recall on their website. It takes forever to load. Shocker.

This Sudafed recall is really just a silly typo that is unlikely to cause anyone harm. But what a microcosm of J&J which continues to find new and creative ways to poison its image.

Most of these recalls are PR nightmares but relatively harmless to consumers. But if a drug and device company is screwing up the little things, it is screwing up big things. Look no further than the DePuy hip implants.

J&J was an industry titan, the drug company everyone else wanted to be. Right now, that memory is as distant as Charlie Sheen in season 2 of “Two and a Half Men.” But was Charlie Sheen a mess 8 years ago and we just didn’t realize the extent of it? Probably. Was J&J putting patients at risk and got lucky and most of it never surfaced? I have no idea.