Subaru Announces the Recall of 633,842 Vehicles

Yesterday, Subaru announced the recall of 633,842 vehicles in order to check for a problem with a fuse in a puddle light that could short-circuit and lead to a fire. The potential fire hazard occurs when moisture containing road salt gets into the lamp housing and makes contact with the circuit board.

The vehicles affected by this recall are the Subaru Legacy and Subaru Outbacks, made in 2010 and 2011; as well as the 2006 – 2012 Subaru Tribeca and 2009 – 2012 Subaru Forester.

According to Subaru spokesman Michael McHale, the company believes that 54,000 vehicles are actually equipped with the small accessory lamps under the side of the vehicle.

There have been less than ten incidents of smoke in the puddle lamps, and no reports of fire or injury. What “less than ten” means is anyone’s guess.

Owners of affected vehicles can contact their dealers for installation of a smaller fuse to correct the problem. They will probably tell you your transmission is a mess and you need new tires while you are there.


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