Stingray Caused Infection Lawsuit

I saw a warning sign this weekend on the Chesapeake Bay for stingrays. I wasn’t afraid of stingrays. At all. Until I saw the warning sign. My kids didn’t get into the Bay, although we probably would have.

So I read with interest a lawsuit filed last week against the Tennessee Aquarium after a boy got a bacterial infection from petting stingrays last year. The infection caused the boy an 11 day hospital stay. I think the boy is okay, but an 11 day hospital stay is tough for any child (I don’t know how old the child is).

The aquarium denies responsibility and says the bacteria was not in the water when it was tested, claiming that fish-handler’s bacteria can be found in soils, mammals — including cats and dogs — and is frequently associated with infections from poultry and swine. I think they are going to get a hard time getting around the phrase “fish-handle’s bacteria” on that one. I’m ready to declare causation a winner for plaintiff’s lawyer right now. Liability of the aquarium? That is a whole different story. I have no idea.

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