Sony TV Recall: 1.6 Million May Catch Fire

Sony Corp. will recall 1.6 million Bravia flat-panel TVs after learning that a faulty component on these Sony televisions may cause them to melt and/or catch fire.

Sony's reputation is taking a hit with recent recalls

Sony’s reputation is taking a hit with recent recalls

There have been eleven incidents of melting or fire reported to Sony. None have caused injury. Sony did not indicate whether they have any reports of significant property damage.

What is the problem with these televisions? It appears that a faulty component in the backlight systems may cause overheating, melting the top of the television.
Sony is struggling with a lot of recalls. Most are not the type of things that are on the radar of a product liability lawyer, they are mostly just defective products that don’t work or don’t work as they should.

The company also recalled 535,000 Vaio computers because of concerns of overheating from a temperature control defect.

On top of all of this, Sony has another problem today. Sony announced that it has temporarily suspended about 93,000 user accounts of its online gaming and entertainment services after finding they were hacked. Apparently, a “massive number” of unauthorized attempts by intruders occurred between Thursday and Monday potentially compromising usernames, passwords, and user’s personal information.

When I think Sony, I really do think quality. Still do. But reputations can change. Sony should keep that in mind.