Snow Blower Recall

Honda issued a recall yesterday for over 18,000 snow blowers. The problem with this Honda snow blower, which has been sold for the past 5 years, is that the fuel tank joint and o-ring located on the snow blower’s fuel tank (you probably know where this is going) leaks and causes the fuel to seep out resulting in a fire hazard.

Honda claims no fires have been reported but it has received 90 reports of seeping or dripping fuel. If 90 people are telling Honda this, you would have to believe the actual incidence of the problem is exponentially higher.

The snow blowers subject to this recall were expensive, costing between $2,000 and $3,400. They were sold from April 2005 through November of this year. The recall is for:

— Model number HS724 with frame serial number SZBE-1037913 through 1046577.
— Model number HS928 with frame serial number SZAS-1151080 through 1169012.
— Model number HS1132 with frame serial number SZBF-1018734 through 1025998.

The model number is on the side of the front scoop and the serial number is on the backend below the engine. If you have one of these defective Honda snow blowers, you should stop using the machine. You should go to a Honda Power Equipment dealer and they will fix the defect without charge.