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Settlement in “Guy Adopted His Girlfriend as His Daughter” Case

A Houston millionaire who nearly caused the Internet to explode when he adopted his own girlfriend in what appeared to be an effort to hide his assets in a wrongful-death lawsuit, settled the pending civil lawsuit pending against him in Texas.

The story is one that happens every single day in America and no one pays much attention. Guy gets drunk. Tragically kills someone. This guy made it interesting by adopting his girlfriend in an effort to protect some of his assets. The whole thing seemed misguided – there was plenty of money to pay a claim, the guy is worth a zillion bucks. But, understandably, the news media really ate up the story.

How much was the settlement? I would like to know. But it is confidential.

You can’t buy your way out of everything; this rich drunk driver goes to trial tomorrow on DUI manslaughter charges.

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