Seroquel Lawsuits Move Forward

Federal district court judge Anne Conway intends to send thousands of federal Seroquel lawsuits back to local district courts for trial.

The vast majority of Seroquel lawsuits filed in federal court have been consolidated in Florida in an MDL, which is a mini class action for discovery purposes. With core discovery completed, the cases will return to the local district courts where they are appropriately venued for trial.

Defendants have been victorious in resolving most of the early Seroquel cases, including a defense verdict at trial. But, now, cases are going to start getting tried all over the country. I think this will lead to a global settlement of most of the Seroquel lawsuits because I’m convinced that the folks at AstraZeneca and their lawyers are smart enough to know their hot streak of Seroquel victories cannot last. But it is also possible that AstraZeneca is going to do what drug companies on a roll often do: overplay their hand. If it does this, it might require plaintiffs’ victories in Seroquel cases before AstraZeneca starts to make reasonable offers. But if the tide turns, the settlement value of the Seroquel cases is going to increase exponentially.