Sears Reannounces Dehumidifier Recall


Sears Dehumidifer Recall

Originally announced in  in August 2012, Sears is reannouncing the recall (I know, I know) of specific Kenmore Dehumidifiers due to the receipt of seven additional reports of shorting and fire associated with the previously recalled dehumidifies.

The recall affected approximately 795,000 Kenmore brand 35-, 50-, and 70-pint dehumidifiers made by LG and manufactured between 2003 and 2005.  The recalled units were sold exclusively at Sears and Kmart stores nationwide, as well as online through these stores.

The dehumidifiers are made of white plastic and are between 21 and 24 inches tall, about 15 inches wide, and approximately 13.5 inches deep.  They have front-loading water buckets, and some are equipped with a remote.  The model number, found on the right side of the interior of the unit when the bucket is removed is as follows:

  • 35-pint (2004) – 580.54351400
  • 50-pint (2003) – 580.53509300
  • 70-pint (2003) – 580.53701300
  • 70-pint (2004) – 580.54701400
  • 70-pint (2005) – 580.54701500

These applicances, manufactured in China, are Imported by LG Electronics USA and Sears.