Sacramento Kings Player Settles Suit with Maker of Gymnic Exercise Balls

The Sacramento Kings and player Francisco Garcia have reached a settlement brought against Ledraplastic, the manufacture of an exercise ball that caused injury to Garcia.

The suit alleged that Francisco Garcia was balancing on a 75-centimeter ball and lifting weights when the ball exploded, causing him to fall and sustain serious injuries including a fracture to his right arm.

According to the suit, the balls were warranted to withstand 600 pounds and to be burst resistant, though when tested on a ball like the one at issue, it burst with 400 pounds on it.

Garcia sought compensation for physical and mental pain and suffering, as well as a loss of future earning capacity. The terms of the settlement were undisclosed. As part of the agreement to keep the financial terms of the settlement secret, Ledraplastica agreed to circulate a letter informing and reminding all distributors that Gymnic fit balls should be used with only body weight and never with weights, and advising distributors to forward the letter to customers.

I wonder how many end-users will actually be informed of the information contained in that letter. My best guess? Not many.

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