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Rock ‘N Play Mold Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said today that consumers should inspect Fisher-Price Newborn Rock `N Play Sleepers due to the risk of exposure to mold for infants who use them. Fisher-Price has received 600 reports of mold and 16 infants have received medical treatment for respiratory issues and other mold related symptoms that were in Fisher-Price sleepers.

Putting aside the fact that none of us are mold experts, what is going on here? Well, mold can develop on these Rock ‘N Play Sleepers between the removable seat cushion and the hard plastic frame if the sleeper remains wet or is infrequently cleaned. Which, let’s be honest, is a real possibility with infants.

Make no mistake about it, this is a serous issue. Mold lawsuits are springing up all over the country for a reason. Mold is associated with respiratory illnesses and other infections that you don’t want your infant – or you for that matter – to get anywhere near.

The feds are telling consumers to check for dark brown, gray, or black spots that may indicate the presence of mold under the removable seat cushion. For my money, I’m just tossing that thing out and keeping it in mind the next time that I buy a Fisher-Price product. Because that is the message they really care about. Plaintiffs’ lawyers like me like to think our lawsuits make a difference. But they are a drop in the bucket compared to sales to these companies.

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