Rite Aid Butter Cookies Recall

Rite Aid has issued a recall for 85,000 tins of butter cookies sold at Rite Aid under the Rich Fields brand name. The recall was preciptiated by concerns these butter cookies were contaminatied with Bacillus cereus, a nasty microorganism than can cause diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.

This recall affects on butter cookies sold with either a decorative castle or Christmas designs. The recall was initiated after Rite Aid noticed these cookies smelled awful, always a good hint.

The recalled product has UPC codes of 01249596519 and 88411804619 which you can find under the bar code on the bottom of each tin of cookies. Customers should not eat the cookies and can return them to any Rite Aid store for a full refund. Rite Aid is doing a cool thing too, calling customers with their bonus cards to tell them about the recall. They deserve credit for this, assuming someone in marketing did not come up with the idea.