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Recent Litigation Ongoings

  • Family of 15 Year Old Drowning Victim Sues
    The family of a 15-year-old boy who drowned at a Michigan camp last summer has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the camp and several camp employees.

    According to the suit, the victim, along with other boys, was swimming after 10 p.m. in an area of the water that was not illuminated. A lifeguard lost sight of the boy, who had gone under. Unbelievably, he was underwater for almost 30 minutes before police and camp employees found him.

  • New Claims in the Lawsuit Over Pregnant Inmate’s Death
    Attorneys representing the estate of a pregnant woman, who died while in a Pennsylvania county jail, are asking for the judge to allow them to amend their complaint, adding new allegations to their lawsuit.
    The allegations here are sad. The 27 year old inmate died of pneumonia after being moved to a hospital from the jail. The amended complaint said that during December 2009, the woman’s cell block had “little or no heat” and inmates “could see their breath.” It is alleged that the walls and ceiling were leaking water, and that there was a strong smell of sewage coming from her sink. It is further alleged that there was black mold growing on and around her toilet and wall. The conditions sound absolutely deplorable.

    On Friday, the Judge denied a motion by the county to dismiss the complaint, but has yet to rule on the request to amend.

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