Recall of 35 Beanie Baby Hats

Why are you writing about the recall of 35 cute little Beanie Baby Hats when there are no reports of injury?
I hear ya. Normally, I would ignore these things until you get to the risk: asphyxiation hazard. If I was told that some random mother in Topeka, Kansas had an asphyxiation hazard in her attic, I’d probably write about it. The scary thing is that the mother probably does. There are so many asphyxiation risks in our houses already that we have not identified. It is scary. So if we can pick out with ease the ones we do have, particularly the ones that our children are virtually certain to come into contact with – a Beenie baby hat – let’s talk about it.

The baby hats in this recall are made of cotton and spandex. They have two straps sewn to the sides and a removable plastic pacifier holder. The hat is available in sizes small, medium, and large, and in pink, blue, green, flower print, blue stripe, and blue print. Model number 125867 is on a tag sewn into the back inner rim of the cap. You could buy these now recalled hat at Beanie Baby’s website from January 2009 through May 2011 for about $25.

Let’s give some credit where credit is due here. Beanie Baby’s website is taking the whole thing seriously, which is only 1,000% better than 90% of the recalls I report. (Unless they set up this website just for the recall in which I take 99% of that praise back.)

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