Rachael Ray Recall

Rachel Ray is being recalled? By who? Okay, there is a recall of Rachael Ray brand two quart teakettles. Go figure. Apparently, these teakettles have burned eight people from hot water spilling from the teakettle’s spout. There were four burn injuries although I don’t know the severity.

I’m glad Rachel Ray is doing what I guess is the right thing getting out in front of this problem, assuming it is a real problem. The concern that I have with so many recalls is that people begin to lose sight of what is really important. People die in car accidents every year because of product defects that involved recalls that the consumer ignored. I worry that in the cacophony of recalls, people fail to realize what matters and what does not. I don’t know the details of this recall. This Rachel Ray teakettle may, in spite of how frivolous it sounds, put people at real risk. It does not sound like it does, but who knows? Either way, it does not change my point about how we have to focus our primary attention on recalls that don’t involve odors or minor injuries but those recalls that cause real harm to people. We can and should talk about the others. But the focus should be on the recalls that really cause suffering.

It is worth noting that there were no Oprah related recalls today. Just saying.