Propecia Lawsuit

A Propecia class action lawsuit has been filed in Canada and there is talk of similar litigation in the United States. The basis for a potential Propecia lawsuit are studies indicating that Propecia – which is a prescription drug for hair loss – may cause some men to lose sex drive, suffer from erectile dysfunction, and decreased ejaculate volume while on Propecia.

Specifically, the Boston University School of Medicine reported last week that the use of Avodart, Proscar and Propecia may be associated with loss of sex drive and depression. Their finding? Fifteen percent of men on Propecia had decreased sexual drive, ejaculatory disorders, and erectile dysfunction compared with 7 percent of those who took placebos. That is the kind of study that gets you past Daubert – a real hurdle for plaintiffs – on causation and gets plaintiffs’ class action lawyers interested in filing lawsuits.

I don’t think there is much dispute that Propecia does decrease sex drive and function in some men. I think the battleground, if there is a rash of lawsuits, is going to be over whether the problems are permanent or whether these problems resolve just by discontinuing Propecia.

Are Propecia lawsuits going to be the next big thing? I have no idea. Our lawyers are not reviewing potential Propecia lawsuits at this time.