Propecia Class Action Lawsuit

Tomorrow, a panel of federal judges will hear arguments for allowing a Propecia class action lawsuit. Plaintiffs’ lawyers representing Propecia victims are asking a federal court to consolidate all federal Propecia cases under one judge. It is not exactly a class action lawsuit because the lawsuits will eventually, if a settlement is not reached, be tried individually. But the lawsuits are consolidated in what we call a pseudo class action lawsuit, because of the discovery that is common to all of the cases – including the key issue in this case as to whether Propecia can cause permanent erectile dysfunction.

So far, there are approximately 60 lawsuits pending individually around the country in federal court. Although there are other lawsuits pending involving different Propecia side effects, these lawsuits are making the same fundamental claims: Merck failed to provide fair warning regarding Propecia sexual side effects, specifically erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, that may be permanent or, at best, long lasting.

What is the problem with Propecia? The drug contains finasteride, an ingredient that causes cognitive impairment, depression, and various forms of sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, reduced sensation, and even infertility. The fear is that finasteride reacts with testosterone and chemically converts to another chemical that is designed to shrink hair follicles and prevent hair loss. The studies are alarming: the rate of sexual dysfunction as a result of finasteride are reported to be as high as 39%, according to some studies. So the same ingredients that help grow hair may cause these sexual problems. Merck knows all of this but the alleges that the side effects do not persist after a man stops taking Propecia. In growing numbers, men disagree.

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