Popcorn Lung Lawsuit

Popcorn lung, or bronchiolitis obliterans, is a disease that can lead to severe lung damage and other ailments. There are several causes of popcorn lung. The most common one is not eating popcorn but inhaling the “almost butter” flavoring in popcorn called diacetyl. Unsurprisingly, the most serious cases of popcorn lung often involve popcorn factory workers. Many of these workers do not know they have popcorn lung because this disease is often misdiagnosed as asthma or emphysema because the symptoms are so similar.

Regarding these popcorn factory workers, the allegations against the defendants are that they did not provide warnings when they knew the risk to workers, specifically the risk of severe respiratory disease. Equally troubling is that there were practical and technically feasible alternatives to diacetyl that would have prevented the harm without significantly impairing the usefulness, desirability, or marketability of their products.

There is always an issue getting post-distribution evidence admitted at trial but it certainly can be used if defendants deny feasibility because now all the large makers of microwave popcorn have reformulated their recipes to get rid of diacetyl.

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