Playground Slide Recall

Landscape Structures will recall 900 playground slides after at least a dozen injuries. Not emergency room “pat on the back, good luck” injuries. The recalled slide is called the Slalom Glider. There are reports of injuries ranging from broken bones (14 reports) to a bruised internal organ. How many other kids got hurt on this slide and did not report it? You can talk enough about the grave risk of falls and children
This Landscape 6-foot-high slide lacks a transition platform at the top and sides of the chute. Kids aer falling when moving from the ladder to the slide and when sliding down. The company advertised the slide as “well-engineered angles ensure safety.” Not so much, really.

Of course, the slide was blessed by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, that provided an independent safety evaluation. Let’s read that name again: International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. Really has the ring on an independent watchdog, doesn’t it?
Here’s the crazy part. The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Assocation approved the slide not as a slide but under “the standard’s general requirements.” We would not want to impose the standard of a safe slide on a safe slide, right?
The whole thing is just crazy.