Personal Injury Lawyers Not Helped by This

A Plaintiff’s attorney in Texas has filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of the estate of a woman that was murdered.

These claims are not uncommon and they are a great way for plaintiffs’ lawyers to add million dollar verdicts to their resume. There is only one caveat: very rarely do they get a single penny for their clients because the defendants are not in a position to pay out a verdict.

This Texas case adds a new and I think bizarre wrinkle: the claim is not only against the murderer but his parents and his 92-year-old grandmother. Adding to the insanity, the murderer was a Dallas personal injury lawyer.

The Plaintiff’s lawyer also made what I think were odd comments: “You don’t see it often, but unfortunately I don’t have the liberty to discuss the facts we have to support our allegations, but we do have a basis to bring all of the claims we’ve brought,” the lawyer says, referring to naming the murderers’ parents and grandmother as defendants.

Not at liberty? Why? You have filed a lawsuit.

So we have a personal injury lawyer who is a murderer, whose 92 year-old grandmother is being sued for the murder he committed. It sounds like something personal injury claims tort reform advocates made up.


A personal injury lawyer kills someone and then another personal injury lawyer files this suit? It sounds like something tort reformers made up.

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