Perry’s Texting While Driving Veto Will Cost Lives

Texas Governor Rick Perry will probably throw his hat in the ring to be the Republican who takes on President Obama next fall. Good for him. He’s got a good head start with George Will’s “Gee, I think you are hotter than Derek Jeter and I love the way you eat a big hamburger” article a few weeks back.

But while deciding to run, Perry has to make sure he nails his Republican bona fides by trying to run to the right of Michele Bachmann. That’s hard to do right now. But Perry wants to try.

The Texas Legislature passed a law virtually every state is passing: you can’t text and drive. Not a big controversial issue. Some studies suggest that texting is more dangerous than drunk driving. Probably a dangerous exaggeration in its own right but, still, you get the point: texting = more accidents and deaths in car accidents.

Incredibly, Governor Perry vetoed the bill. Why? He said the bill was an “overreach” that attempts to “micromanage the behavior of adults.” Perry thinks the solution is driver education. Because texting drivers just don’t know that it is unsafe. Yeah, that’s the problem.

People will get injured and die. But the important thing is that we all get the point: Rick Perry is a true conservative. And George Will still loves him. Mission accomplished.

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