Paralegals Practicing Law

The Rhode Island Supreme Court found that a Texas-based paralegal service that offered legal services on the Internet was practicing law without a license in Rhode Island.

Low Cost Paralegal Services, whose last known address was in San Antonio, Texas, and its owner were advertising low-cost legal services on Craigslist and other Internet sites. The owner had an email address of attorney2be2012 but that might have been a little bullish because it does not appear she had even started law school.

The case now will get forwarded to Texas, but I’m doubt anything meaningful will happen. They can’t exactly disbar her.

The funny thing is the comments to the article I linked to above. Everyone seems mad that the court is protecting lawyers. Granted, the article does not really bait the other side (who gives a “yeah, get her out of here” comment) but it still gives you a little bit of the pulse of the American people who are not now – and probably never have been – too excited about lawyers.

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