Pain Patch Lawyers: Another Recall for Fentanyl Leak

Johnson & Johnson announced another Duragesic patch recall. The problems appear to be the same as other fentanyl patch recalls: pain patches that leak fentanyl gel. Fentanyl overdoses have long been known to cause death and serious injuries.

This is hardly the beginning of the Duragesic pain patch recalls. In the most recent on New Year’s Eve last year, Johnson & Johnson announced a recall for some Duragesic 50 microgram per hour patches (lot number 0817239) and some of the Sandoz 50 microgram per hour patches (lot number 0816851). This total pain patch recall involves 410,000 pain patches.

The weakness of these cases from the standpoint of fentanyl patch lawyers is that there is no consolidated class action; these cases are being handled individually which means that fentanyl patch lawyers are generally only accepting death and extremely serious injury cases. This is frustrating for many fentanyl patch recall victims and frustrating to anyone who would like to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their alleged negligence.

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