Pacifier Recall

Here we go again, another choking hazard recall. Pampers Natural Stages Infant Ortho and Bulb Pacifiers have been recalled due to a choking hazard. Consumers are being told to take the recalled pacifiers away from infants and contact Key Baby for instructions on returning the product. You can get a full refund or $10 coupon. By all means, take the coupon.

Go to the Key Baby website to find information on the recall. Of course, it is hard to find, you have to get past all of the name dropping (Dr. Andrew Weil) but buried at the bottom of the page is the information that “Hey, we made a pacifier that may have put your child at risk.” It is really buried – color is light and just blends into the page. Way to sound the alarm, Key Baby.

Hey, also, good move creating an entirely different website for the recall. Why besmirch the good Key Baby name? Hey, did you know that Dr. Andrew Weil is a partner with Key Baby? The green tea guy! Really! It is true!
Hey, Key Baby PR guys, real tactical genius not even having a link back to the Key Baby website on your recall site. Another good way to stay besmirch free.

I love this line from the recall website: “Key Baby is accepting requests to replace or refund the recalled pacifier.” Accepting requests. I love unintentional comedy.

I would love if Andrew Weil stood up and said, “Guys, we just can’t play it this way.” I think I would even increase my green tea consumption.

The whole tone of the recall is patronizing: we really should not even be recalling this thing, we are just doing it because we, and the feds, want to take every possible precaution, even the silly ones. Heck, maybe that is all true, I have no idea. But I’d be more inclined to believe that if Key Baby was less blatant about pounding this idea in our heads.

This is the second pacifier recall that I know of this year. Really, how complicated is it to build a safe pacifier?