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Nursing Home Surveillance Cameras

There is an interesting article in the University of Illinois Elder Law Journal entitled “Big Brother” and Grandma: An Argument for Video Surveillance in Nursing Homes.

The premise of the article is that video surveillance systems in nursing homes provide additional safety to the nursing home patient and peace-of-mind for family members who have an elderly loved one in a nursing home. The big issue is whether nursing homes can refuse care if the family insists on a camera in the patient’s room.

Cameras are never the total solution to serious problems in nursing homes that lead to lawsuits. Can they help? Sure. State legislatures should make sure the patients may install cameras in their own rooms. It is fair, it is within their rights as tenants, and it will make patients safer. Nursing homes object largely because they don’t like the idea of the evidence that gets accumulated, which shows neglect and poor care. The answer to these concerns? Provide better care.

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