No Pain and Suffering Verdict in Kentucky

A Kentucky plaintiff found out the hard way that if the jury does not like you or plaintiffs’ accident lawsuit in general, they have the power to award whatever they want.

This case, Adams v. Miller, was a typical small car accident case. Plaintiff was minding her own business at a red traffic light when defendant’s car swerved into her lane and crashed into her car at 35 mph. The jury agreed that the plaintiff was not at fault for the accident and awarded her $10,000: $9,800 for past medical expenses and another $200 in lost wages. But the jury awarded nothing in pain and suffering.

Intellectually, this makes sense. Medical bills equal pain which equals pain and suffering. But the jury can compromise and give you what they think is appropriate under the circumstances. This is the way it is in Maryland and, apparently, Kentucky, too.

You can read the full opinion here.