NFL Concussions Lawsuit

Four NFL players have filed a lawsuit claims they have brain injuries from concussions suffered while playing in the NFL. Clearly, the most prolific player is Jamal Lewis, who is one of the best players the Baltimore Ravens have ever had. Dorsey Levins, another extremely accomplished running is in lawsuit along with Fulton Kuykendall and Ryan Stewart. The common thread between the players? They all live in Atlanta so they found the same lawyer to bring their claim.

Earlier this month, 12 former NFL football players filed a concussion related lawsuit against the NFL about its concussion policies. If these concussion lawsuits are successful, you have to wonder how the NFL will survive. One win by one player would lead to thousands of claims.

I feel for the players. I really do. But I don’t like the lawsuits. The NFL does not manufacturer a product about which it has unique knowledge of the risks. Opinions vary on the degree of the risk and those opinions are continuing to evolve with modern science. But everyone has equal access to the literature and people have a right to choose the course they want to take.

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