New Hampshire Motorcycle Helmet Laws

The Eagle Tribune from the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire has an interesting article on motorcycle helmets and New Hampshire’s refusal to implement mandatory helmet laws.

In a few days, Motorcycle Week kicks off 300,000 visitors from June 14 to 22. If the average person spends $1,000, that is a $300 million dollar infusion in the economy. I would suspect Motorcycle Week would go elsewhere if New Hampshire changed their law, which would have a lot of pro-business lobbyist up in arms. But 27 people died in 2003 (the most recent data I have seen) in New Hampshire in motorcycle accidents. How many of those people were not wearing helmets?
The most serious accident cases our accident lawyers see disproportionately involve motorcycle accidents. At some point, New Hampshire needs to give up Motorcycle Week in exchange for Living Motorcyclist Future, $300 million or no.

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