Nearly $10 Million Verdict Against Day Care Provider

On November 17, 2011, a Georgia jury awarded $9.85 million to the parents of a child who drowned in a pool at an unlicensed daycare in 2009 ($9.8 million in damages and another $50,000 in pain and suffering).

The facts are tragic. While under the daycare provider’s care, the toddler was left unattended and fell into an unsecured pool on the property and drowned. The suit claimed that the daycare employees lied to the parents about their operation being approved by the state of Georgia when, in fact, it was an unlicensed facility.

Before enrolling children in any program, especially home-based facilities, parents should check with state agencies for licensing information. If a daycare owner has a pool, it is like having a loaded gun lying around. At a minimum, the facility needs to make sure there is a lock and key on that gun and all county codes for safety and security are being met. Parents should never blindly assume that the daycare provider is following all the rules and regulations required.

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