Nap Nanny Bay Recliner Recall, Buy Buy Baby, and Toys R Us/Babies R Us all agreed to recall more than 150,000 Nap Nanny baby recliners after tragic reports of five baby deaths. The recall covers Nap Nanny Generations One and Two, and the Chill model infant recliners sold between 2009 and 2012. Fifty-five thousand of these models were sold between 2009 and early 2012. About 100,000 Chill models have been sold since January 2011.

The purpose of this stupidly named “Nap Nanny” recliner was to recreate the curves of a baby car seat. The idea was that elevating the baby helps soothe discomfort from reflux, gas, stuffiness or other problems.

Why didn’t Nap Nanny participate in the recall? Well, they are out of business. You need to read their explanation of this whole thing. It is crazy. Another small business put out of business by the CPSC. Yes, how sad, really. The one thing Nap Nanny could have done to save themselves would’ve been to, you know, stop make products that kill kids. Perhaps then those poor 22 Nap Nanny employees would still have jobs. Boy, I hope these executives are sued personally.

Speaking of small businesses… far be it for me to defend big businesses. But at least they have the resources and brainpower to have people testing these products. I would never let my kids use something made by some company with 22 employees (at least not knowingly) if there was the possibility that the product could cause harm.

Anyway, back to this recall. This is not the first. The first two versions of the foam recliner were recalled in July 2010 after the report of a death and over 20 injuries. Bottom line: the evidence shows all of this stuff should have been pulled in 2010.