Muncie Indiana Jury Awards $3.5 Million in Medical Malpractice case

A jury in Muncie, Indiana ordered a medical clinic to pay $2.75 million to a woman for failing to test a tumor for cancer that was removed from the Plaintiff’s foot. A separate doctor later found that a second tumor removed from her foot was malignant. Jurors also awarded an additional $500,000 to the woman’s husband for a total of $3.25. million. As mentioned in a previous Accident and Injury Lawyer Blog post, Indiana law caps damages in malpractice cases at $1.25 million.
Congratulations to the Plaintiffs’ medical malpractice lawyer Scott L. Starr of Logansport, Indiana, particularly given that the Plaintiff is now reportedly – thank God – cancer free. I would have second guessed the decision to bring a loss of consortium claim in a medical malpractice case like this but he apparently made it work.

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