More Yaz Problems

More Yaz problems for Bayer. The FDA warned Bayer regarding quality control issues at a plant that makes the key ingredient in Yaz, a birth control drug that has generated 50 different lawsuits for issues unrelated to its manufacturing process.

The FDA said inspectors uncovered testing problems at Bayer’s manufacturing plant in Bergkamen, Germany, during a March visit.FDA inspectors said the company measured the quality of its drug ingredients based on an average of several samples, instead of reporting individual test results. Bayer shipped eight drug batches to the U.S. that were tested using this randomized method, which is not permissible under FDA regulations. The FDA’s message is simple: test them all.

Along with the over-promotion of Yaz, this is one more issue that – while arguably not relevant at trial in a DVT case – underscores the disaster that is Yaz/Yasmin.

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