Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer Zach Scruggs Pleads Guilty

Mississippi personal injury lawyer Zach Scruggs denied conspiring to bribe a state judge, but plead guilty Friday to a felony that will cost him his legal career.

I have never written about this story before so I began to start giving a little history but then I figured I would just refer you the Insurance Coverage Law Blog which is the most extensive analysis I have ever seen of a defense case since the O.J. trial. This blog breaks down the players, the lawyers, and everyone connected to the case.

I just cannot imagine being a billionaire – which I think Dick Scruggs was – and putting yourself in a position where you are going to spend five years in jail and your actions led your son to disbarment and a felony conviction so you can get more money in a fee dispute case. I think this is far more mind boggling than Eliot Spitzer, which was mind boggling in its own right.