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Mirena IUD Adverse Reports Continue

Mirena IUD problems continue to be reported at an alarming rate. According to a recent investigation, more reports are being sent to the FDA than previously thought, tens of thousands more reports.

A recent investigation indicates that more than 70,000 adverse events involving complications associated with the Mirena IUD have been filed with the FDA since 2000. Amongst others, the complaints include vaginal hemorrhaging, the IUD migrating out of place, and the IUD puncturing the uterus.

Merck, manufacturer of Mirena, faces a growing number of injury lawsuits with some estimating that more than 10,000 lawsuits will eventually be filed. I think that number is way, way over the top. But you get the point. These claims are starting to really take off.


Mirena IUD Problems Continue

The lawsuits allege that Merck failed to adequately warn about the risks associated with Mirena. In response to the mass number of lawsuits being filed, the federal court system has created a Mirena MDL (Multi-District Litigation) for pretrial proceedings. A state MCL (Multi-County Litigation) has also been created in New Jersey, where Merck’s headquarters are located, to establish centralized management of all cases filed within the state.

An estimated 10 million women have had a Mirena implanted inside of them since 2000 according to some reports.

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