Mexican Snack Food Recall

Mahler Clark’s Food Safety News reports on a salmonella recall of wheat snacks with chili, potato chips with chili and corn churritos with chili by La Placita Botanas Mexicans.

The product appears to be largely confined to southern California through retail stores. The recall involves product that are packaged in clear plastic bags with a label or sticker containing the following UPC codes: “Doraditas con chile” with the UPC 7-90274 00011-9; “Chinacos con chile,” UPC: 7-90274 00121-5; “Chicharrines duranguenses con chile,” UPC: 7-90274 00261-8; “Palitos tapatios con chile,” UPC: 7-90274 00251-9; and “Anillos michoacanos con chile,” UPC: 7-90274 00351-6.

For more information on this recall, you can contact La Placita Botanas Mexicans at 626-452-0883.