Massager Recall

At first glance, I did not think much of reports of a defective home massager, called the ShoulderFlex Massager. How dangerous could this massager really be?
The answer: real serious. The FDA is making this crystal clear by announcing that the ShoulderFlex Massager causes real risk to consumers and has already killed at least one person. Apparently, necklaces, hair or parts of clothing can become caught in part of the machine that rotates, posing a severe strangulation hazard.

No one is using the word “recall.” I really don’t understand why exactly except that it may be these massagers are off the shelves and already in our homes.

I think there will be very viable lawsuits for the few people who do suffer serious injuries from this massager. If you think you may have a potential case, call 800-553-8082 or use the contact form in the upper right hand corner of this website.