Mercedes-Benz Fuel Leak Recall

Mercedes-Benz will recall 6,872 diesel-powered cars and SUVs from the 2011 and 2012 model years, to fix a fuel leak. The recall includes 2011 Mercedes E-Class cars, built from July 2010 through February 2011; R-Class crossovers, built from April 2010 through April 2011; ML-Class SUVs, manufactured from January 2010 through March 2011; GL-Class SUVs, built from March 2010 through March 2011; and 2012 2012 S-Class cars (annoyingly, it is still 2011 – there should be a law).

Mercedes-Benz said that the fuel leak problems stem from diesel fuel filters that may leak. Obviously, this poses a risk to the driver and everyone around them. Besides the obvious fire hazard, fuel spill also cause slippery spots on the road that increases the risk of a car accident for the next driver coming down the road.

Under the recall, Mercedes-Benz dealers will inspect the fuel filters and replace the ones that need to be. The recall is expected to begin next month. I never understand why car makers cannot move faster on these recalls. If someone gets hurt between now and then, Mercedes is going to be paying out enough money for somebody to buy their own Mercedes-Benz dealership.