Macy’s Admits Selling Banned Clothes and Agrees to Fine

macysMacy’s agreed to a $750,000 fine for selling children’s clothing with drawstrings at the neck. If the allegations are true, and Macy’s has copped to it by paying this fine, Macy’s violated federal law by selling kids’ clothes with drawstrings at the neck because they are strangulation hazards.

Macy’s has denied knowingly violating the law. That’s good. I guess. But I’m still confused. You sell clothes. You just didn’t know the law? Given the obvious choking hazard, drawstrings at the neck were banned in 2008. No one at Macy’s got the memo? It just didn’t make the rounds at Macy’s? It is inexplicable.

I also think it is funny how the CPSC sends around press releases bragging about bringing these companies to their knees. I’m not saying it is necessarily a bad idea. Just seems weird.