Lowe’s Shades/Blinds Recall

Lowe’s will recall more than 11 million window shades and blinds – six million Roman shades and five million roll-up blinds – after two children were nearly strangled. The incidents involved a two-year-old child in November 2009 and a four year-old child this July. I have no idea why they are just getting around to this now or if anyone else has been hurt by these shades/blinds in the meantime.

Window shades and blinds continue to be a problem. Pottery Barn and IKEA had a large recall last year and there have been a lot of others. Obviously, people need want to have something to cover their windows from the light. But we really need to figure out who is making these products safely, get that information out to the public, and pressure manufacturers to exercise a little more care in making window blinds and shades. Folks, this is going to cost us a few extra bucks and we have to live with that.